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I provide guidance to Business Marketers on branding, information technology, marketing planning, producing advertising and digital media including websites and social media.

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With 25 years experience in the field of standards-based web design, I’ve worked with large organizations such as Enbridge Inc., TD Easyweb Online, CIBC,, as well as NGOs like Evergreen Foundation, Street Kids International and Camp Kirk in Toronto.

Now I work with entrepreneurs and neighbourhood businesses like Personal Best Physiotherapy to showcase their ideas, products and services. I help streamline marketing efforts and business processes, set attainable goals, and grow their business through targeted advertising, social media and marketing analytics.

Toni Robertson


“Toni has a sound knowledge of marketing strategies, yet remains open minded with respect to the various formats available. She is creative, innovative and most cooperative.
She approaches every aspect with the same professional and ethical values and communicates her ideas clearly and always with some measure of flexibility.

Toni is very personable and enjoys discussing possible solutions to marketing and advertising.
We are seeing a remarkable difference, and are attaining great success in our marketing efforts, thanks to Toni’s hard work and diligence.”
Henri Audet, former Executive Director
Camp Kirk

“Toni is a brilliant information architect. She sees the interconnectedness of all communication and knows how to turn it into enjoyable and persuasive user experiences.
And she is fun to work with.”
Sally Hewson, Designer,

“I have trouble not putting all my checks in the outstanding column. 
That’s no exaggeration — I’ve dealt with hundreds of individuals through Zymurgy and you do stand out in a very positive way from the norm.”
Vic Metcalfe, President
Zymurgy Systems Inc.

“Thank you for helping us develop our website, audio formats and showing us how we can reach parents and sell our courses online.”
Beverley Cathcart-Ross, Founder & Educator
Parenting Network Canada.

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